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Host Your Own Event

Are you already one of Miles Antique Mall's amazing vendors and want to host an event in your gallery space?

Maybe you want to co-host an event with other vendors in Miles Antique Mall?

How about an educational or artistic class hosted by you?

Copy & paste the below form and email us at with the following information. We will be happy to consider your event for approval within 72 hours. *Event submissions must be submitted at least 14 days prior to planned event date. 


Your Name: 

Vendor Number: 

Phone Number: 

Event name: 

Purpose of event: 

Planned date / dates of event:

Describe what your event will entail: 

Will your event need additional electricity sources?

Will you want to sell tickets to your event or will your event be free to the public?

Will your event have limited space (a class) or is your event open to the public?

Once your event submission form has been emailed; we may ask to have a one-on-one meeting with you regarding your event so that we can get our team at Miles Antique Mall acquainted with the fine details of your event.

Remember; if your event will bring customers into Miles Antique Mall or will help your gallery space gain popularity; we are all about it!